Physiological Foundations
The Four Modes
Introversion and Extraversion
Why is the BTSA Different?
The BTSA The Benziger Thinking Styles Assessment (BTSA) is a powerful state-of-the-art tool which has proved itself to be highly effective in a wide range of areas which involve assisting people to improve their self-management skills, general effectiveness and collaborative capabilities. In the world of business and in the world of therapy or counseling, professional trainers, managers and counselors are excited about the results they have been getting.

In business, The Benziger Thinking Styles Assessment Model has been shown to have a wide practical application to organizational behavior, understanding and structuring life at work to increase effectiveness. Its unique approach views worker needs and problems, along with those generated by the organization, as a transaction between worker and task, individual and team, department and organization.
The Benziger approach was designed to focus on four specific management goals:

1. Increasing quality performance for individuals and groups 2. Improving individual and team creativity and analytical         decision making 3. Reducing maladaptive interpersonal conflict 4. Lowering turnover and absenteeism rates
Managers using the BTSA consistently report receiving useful information that may lead directly to positive change in technology, job design, organizational structure and people.

Although the BTSA is unique in “how” it predicts and explains events and behavior in the workplace, the underlying strength of the instrument is its practical concreteness.

The Feedback provides impetus and wherewithall to match individual and group capabilities with organizational properties, maximizing productivity, growth and improving organizational culture. The Model offers supervisors a format to better understand worker concerns such as perception, motivation and job satisfaction; as well as effectively address team issues such as goal attainment, cohesiveness and leadership.
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