Physiological Foundations
The Four Modes
Introversion and Extraversion
Why is the BTSA Different?
Why is the BTSA Different The Benziger Model and BTSA are quite possibly the best tool available for understanding, measuring and making decisions about how a person thinks.
No other model is as comprehensive. No other assessment results are as helpful in decision-making. Longtime (eg. 10-20 years) users of the MBTI, Disc/Performax and Wilson Learning have reported greater satisfaction and success with their clients using the BTSA. Corporate HR executives refer to the BTSA as a “breath of fresh air”.

The model:

  • Grounds each profile numerically for greater specificity.

  • Spotlights the unique contribution each function makes to life, based on neurophysiological insights on functional speicalization.

    • Frontal Left (Thinking), identified as setting goals, evaluating current reality and making a decision as to how to respond, contributes Direction and Structure.

    • Posterior Convexity Left (Sensing), identified as excelling at the highly detailed, sequenced, physical tasks, contributes Productive Foundations.

    • Posterior Convexity Right (Feeling), identified as naturally excelling at building connection and harmony, contributes Peaceful Foundations.

    • Frontal Right (Intuition), is identified as naturally excelling at creative imaginative tasks, contributes the Capacity for Adaption, or Falsification of Type.

  • Uses value-free labels which identify the region of the brain which appears to be responsible for each function, making it easier for people to see all four functions as equal.

  • Reveals the extent to which they have developed their auxiliaries and weakness.

  • Structures explorative discussion and maximizes insight by identifying changes or shifts in how the individual is using his brain.

  • Encourages respondent to explore what the cost of adaption, or Falsification of Type, has been in his life, to build his awareness and life-management skills.

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