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By Katherine Benziger, Ph.D.

Facts, Realizations, and Discoveries Added to the Tradition
1. All four modes or functions are in reality, cortical, functionally specialized, types of thinking.
2. Each of these modes only perceives the part of reality key to its function, that can be effectively processed using its specialized type of processing / thinking.
3. Oneâ??s preference is innately highly efficient.    
4. Using oneâ??s preference is energizing and in a situation honoring oneâ??s introversion / extraversion leads to a highly positive mental state called Flow.
5. The innate inefficiency of all three non-preferred modes makes the long-term costs of Falsification of Type literally dangerous.
6. Falsification of Type is, nonetheless, common in our society.
7. When one is Falsifying Type, the standard, popular assessments often mistakenly identify Falsified leads as natural.
8. An important, heretofore overlooked link exists between chronic anxiety and Falsifying Type.
9. An important, heretofore overlooked correlation exists between depression and Falsifying Type.
10. Under chronic anxiety oneâ??s introversion often increases until the source of that anxiety has been resolved.
11. Under chronic safety oneâ??s extraversion increases unless and until that safety is threatened.
12. Prolonged Adaption Stress Syndrome (PASS) is the long-term result of Falsifying Type, a discovery made in collaboration with Dr. Arlene Taylor*.
13. Oneâ??s greatest natural weakness or inferior function really is much more difficult to use than oneâ??s auxiliaries.
14. Lifeâ??s Two Rules of Thumb for Success.**
15. Six Strategies for Managing Non-Preferred Modes.**
16. Strategies for Leveraging our natural preference.**

*Dr. Arlene Taylor is a nurse who has been working in Wellness for almost two decades. She has been studying Falsification of Type and its costs for more than a decade in collaboration with Dr. Benziger.

**These points are explained in detail in Dr. Benziger’s book, Thriving in Mind

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